Dietary intervention / Nutrition/ Fat loss/muscular gains

With your very own video-based nutritional masterclass direct to your inbox and App. You will learn what’s required for your goals.

I am passionate about educating my clients to fuel their bodies correctly and to understand the consequences of poor diets and this includes the ones that cut out complete food groups including extreme low-calorie diets.

These diets will sabotage your long-term fat loss goals leading to yo-yo dieting.

My goal is to stop this allowing you to change your lifestyle for good. Diet isn’t just about losing weight – it impacts your energy levels, sleep, stress levels, skin, and more.

Understanding what we put into our diet helps us learn what we’re getting out of it too. Every Stabilis Fitness client receives guidance and education to complement their goals and training program to include recipe books that are calorie and macro counted.


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