Dietary intervention / Nutrition/ Fat loss/muscular gains

With our very own in-house nutritionist you will be taught everything you need to know to reach your goals.


Clare has an MSc in Public Health Nutrition from the University of Chester. Registered Associate Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition (AfN) She is currently working in the Public Health Department for Shropshire Council. In this role, she has worked in GP surgeries supporting patients with weight management, smoking cessation and mental health issue
  1. You the client will receive your own dedicated back-pocket nutritionist.
  2. Round the clock support from the team from everything big to everything small as often or as little as you like… you can tag the nutritionist in a post in the private VIP Facebook Group and they will get back to you.
  3. Science Corner- Here once or twice a month she will be going a little more science-heavy, taking a look at the research/published studies, and translating it all into a way that will be easily implementable in the daily/weekly lives. STRAIGHT from the research.
  4. Nutrition Challenges every few weeks to massively dial-in important areas of your nutritional intake, and ensure you are held accountable for improving your nutrition.
  5. Monthly Group Call/ Presentation. Here she will present on a variety of areas she can see needs addressing as she gets to know you, answering any questions from anyone that cannot make the group presentation, and also helping you in the Q&A session on the call too.
  6. Monthly Expert Guest Speakers- here he interviews some of the most important people in the nutrition and weight loss world to make sure you are at the FRONT of the line receiving world-class support!
I am passionate about educating my clients to fuel their bodies correctly and to understand the consequences of poor diets and this includes the ones that cut out complete food groups including extreme low-calorie diets.

These diets will sabotage your long term fat loss goals leading to yo-yo dieting.

My goal is to stop this allowing you to change your lifestyle for good. Diet isn’t just about losing weight – it impacts your energy levels, sleep, stress levels, skin, and more.

Understanding what we put into our diet helps us learn what we’re getting out of it too. Every Stabilis Fitness client receives guidance and education to complement their goals and training program to include recipe books that are calorie and macro counted.


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Start to learn and understand how you can use nutrition to benefit your goals


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