Dietary intervention / Nutrition/ Fat loss

As a Consultant in Applied Nutrition and Supplementation I can give Prescription Nutrition programmes for Obesity and Diabetes and Weight Management as well as nutrition and supplementation for athletes.  I am passionate about educating my clients to fuel their bodies correctly and to understand the consequences. Diet isn’t just about losing weight – it impacts your energy levels, sleep, stress levels, skin and more. Understanding what we put into our diet helps us learn what we’re getting out of it too.

Every Stabilis Fitness client receives guidance and education to compliment their goals and training program to include access to my recipe website with over 2700 recipes to choose from.

You will gain access to the Stabilis Fitness Recipe System website with your own log in area once you become a client. Your personal login enables you to build recipe packs suited to your specific dietary requirements and goals. The thousands of recipes available can be filtered by meal type, calories, gluten free, vegetarian, carb content, paleo, vegan, protein content, clean, dairy free, pack lunch compatible and more! The recipes are all proof that healthy food doesn’t have to be dull and boring – they are tasty, colourful and nutritious.

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