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Why Bootcamp?


With the current and ever increasing health problems that are arising with sedentary jobs and our western lifestyles, obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, low back pain and other complicated metabolic issues seem to be taking over and we find ourselves losing the battle to become fit and healthy again.

Increasing your energy output through exercise and daily movement will assist in getting you healthy, fitter, and leaner putting those dreaded diseases in the past and thats why I run 3 bootcamps a week to help you achieve your goals.

You do not have to be fit to join as everyone does bootcamp at their own pace allowing you to achieve and progress at each stage.

I absolutely LOVE Bootcamp! The camaraderie of training in a group really benefits some people and being outside in the fresh air is always a bonus. As mentioned I currently run 3 x Bootcamp Sessions in Colchester, Abbey Fields, Essex each week.

They are focused on high intensity exercise, enabling you to get fit quicker!  Groups are friendly, welcoming and kept to a manageable size, ensuring everyone achieves maximum results. Despite working as a group, you are still able to work at your own pace – with a bit of encouragement from me to try a bit harder!

Each 1 hour Bootcamp session is designed to burn around 500 calories! I provide all the necessary equipment – all you need is the right clothing, a drink and a can-do attitude. Come on – join us and get stuck in!


Prices start from just £10 / session on a pay as you go basis or £51 / month for unlimited sessions.

Kick start your healthy lifestyle regime and achieve your goals

What will I get for my £51 a month subscription?

  • Unlimited access to bootcamps
  • Unlimited access to the private members Facebook page packed with valuable information and recipe books
  • Access to our recipe books, educational booklets and much more
  • Become part of a growing community enabling you to gain support from like minded individuals


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Bootcamp Warriors

What should I bring along and what are the COVID-19 Procedures?

Please arrive at every Bootcamp session 5 minutes before the start and bring along:

  • Water Bottle
  • Warm clothing, inc gloves (weather dependent)
  • Par-Q form (Physical activity readiness questionnaire – please download here)
  • A huge smile and a lot of determination!
  • Your own hand sanitiser



  • Do NOT come if you have symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has had symptoms
  • All equipment is sanitised before and after each Bootcamp session
  • On arrival please go straight to a cone or piece of equipment which will be marked out – PLEASE DO NOT GROUP AROUND THE TRUCK
  • Your hands are to be sanitised before you start and I would appreciate it if you do not put your hands near your face
  • Please stay 2 m apart unless you are partners or live together.
  • Take your water with you to each station
  • At the end of the session sanitise your hands and depart


Please help me keep us safe allowing the Bootcamp to remain open.



Important Information

  • A signed PAR-Q must be printed off, signed and handed in before the first session starts, we have copies on the day
  • Monthly payments will be paid through recurring payment by clicking the join now button at the bottom.
  • PAYG can be paid on each session
  • Bootcamp occasionally closes for a weekend.

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