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24 pounds down and NO restrictive diet


This lady is one of the many who took control and look at her 🙂

Man I love it when a plan comes together especially when I teach clients that restrictive diets and crazy workout regimes are NOT required.

Slimming clubs, slimming shakes, low carb diets,  etc etc etc are all essentially placing you in an energy deficit and will allow you to lose weight but most of you who want to lose weight have the restrictive diet mindset and most of you repeat ‘I cant wait until this diet is over’ which tells me you will fail.

The majority of today’s weight loss approaches are non sustainable due to restriction.

So imagine if you could lose weight and still enjoy foods you like as well as socialising and not feeling like you are restrictive dieting.


  • I sell results
  • I sell accountability
  • I sell support, even when you try and disagree with me 🙂
  • I sell knowledge
  • I sell the truth

Your future begins here but if you are one of those who will defy every opportunity to make change and continue to blame everything else apart from yourself then you are in for a tough ride.

Change the mindset NOW and get in contact.


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