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22.5 inches down in just 12 weeks



Every day I receive calls in regards to my client’s results then I ask how would they go about it to lose excess body fat.

The answer is astonishing with restricted diets and crazy workouts but as always they have tried that and put the body fat back on plus more.

Not in my Academy.

A total of 22.5 inches gone from the body in 12 weeks and the knowledge to keep it going for life.

It is a lifestyle change as yo yo dieting sucks.

I will teach you everything you need to know or you can just carry on doing what you do.

You will gain access to my interactive software and mobile phone app as well as 1-1 coaching and I will guide you every step of the way.

Just look at what you get below and it is pretty much all done for you, you just need to follow my advice.



1. An exercise plan with video and written instructions accessed via your very own fitness app and computer-based software based around your goals and lifestyle meaning you do not have to spend hours exercising or step foot in a gym if you do not want too still achieving great results.

2. Free dieting meaning you can eat what you want within your limits and still lose excess body fat without restrictive diets. And you will gain access to all of my recipe books with thousands of exciting recipes to choose from.

3. Support to encourage and push you when your motivation dips ( which it will because we are human) You can message me whenever you like on the interactive app.

4. Education around nutrition, exercise, and small lifestyle changes to suit your needs and goals. ( all educational guides and recipe books can be downloaded for future use)

5. We are going to spend 90 days working in a structured way tackling many subjects allowing you to get control of your life and weight loss goals.

6. You will be part of a small community for more intensive coaching and mentoring, which means more time spent on you getting the results you need.

7. Access to all boot camps if you wish

8. You get to be coached personally by me each week.

9. Guaranteed results if you do as I advise.


Everything I offer above to include

All recipe books to include 1000s recipes (yours to keep),
Programs with video and written instruction
Over 20 coaching tool booklets covering some amazing titles (yours to keep)
Your very own interactive smartphone app and software
Two-way message facility so you can contact me at any time
Guaranteed results if you do what I advise you to do


No restrictive diets
No foods are banned
Exercise programs with video and written instructions on your own smartphone interactive app
1000s of recipes in over 12 recipe books
Over 20 educational guides for your convenience
I will banish all of those fads that never work long term

Andy ( will be smashing some great goals ) Ciaravella

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