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As a 47-year-old man with three grown-up children and a grandchild, my aim is to stay fit and healthy for life. I follow a 4-day strength training program and move enough to keep trim permanently. My diet is balanced enjoying foods that I like within my daily caloric calculations. Therefore my aim is to share my knowledge to help people move forward in a positive manner, improving individuals’ lives in all areas, committed to results, and ending failure!

There is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition and fitness especially as we all have different careers, activity levels, etc.

The human body is capable of losing body fat and weight even when exercise is limited and that’s where my academy comes into play.
Here at Stabilis Fitness, my approach is completely holistic – I’m not about helping my clients look like the model in the magazine (the model in the magazine doesn’t even look like that in real life). I focus on your wellbeing and enjoyment.  I set achievable goals and make positive lifestyle improvements both in exercise and nutrition, motivating, and educating my clients to make the right choices. Don’t worry – I make the whole process fun and am often told that my passion and enthusiasm for what I do is contagious!


My passion and commitment to help people improve their lifestyle and overall wellbeing can be a force to be reckoned with, but I believe this is why I achieve such fantastic results and am able to continually drive my clients forward. Whilst most of my clients are local to Colchester, Essex, I do have clients located around the world who utilise my Online Training Programmes to keep them on track using my fitness and nutrition app allowing me to monitor your progress throughout.


In most commercial gyms Trainers are happy to push you through a fitness regime for an hour however, what about nutrition, accountability, and mindset when you are away from them?


As a Health & Fitness Coach, with over 27 years of fitness and nutrition experience behind me I ensure that each programme and session is tailored to the individual and their own achievable goals. The Stabilis Fitness Academy isn’t about quick fixes or short-term targets but aims to help people overcome barriers, providing mental and physical strength.

As you can imagine there is a host of different fitness instructors out there supplying different information however in my practice I use scientific evidence-based research after studying for years giving you, the client the best when it comes to your goals.


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