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How many times have you tried to lose that unwanted body fat/weight but it comes back with a vengeance?

Yo Yo dieting over the years have left you feeling like it can never be done.

So you just resign to the fact that your genetic type,PCOS and a low thyroid is to blame and that you were born to be overweight.

Well  hate to tell you but it is not true and the human body will not function at its best when you are overweight/obese. 

You can do something about it but you have to learn, implement and change your current habits and lifestyle.

All my clients who come on board and stick to the plan I have given them have lost that unwanted body-fat/weight and are keeping it off.

The bonus to this is that they are literally saving their lives avoiding the array of diseases that come with being overweight as well as feeling great both mentally and physically.

These are just two of the great people who came to me for changes.

So where does it begin?

For some people it takes some time before they actually contact me, they may follow my social media links and see what I am about. This process can take months therefore they are contemplating change.

Then when they are ready they arrange a consultation which is a big step.

From the minute you contact me your goals are my priority.

I meet you face to face however I also coach clients online so a video call is arranged.

On the consultation

I listen to you and understand your past history with dieting and relationships with food as well as any exercise history that you may have accomplished as well as sleeping patterns, stress levels, lifestyle and the list goes on.

All of these factors will be considered towards your goals.

The consultation is for me to listen and advise.

On boarding

So you have decided to come on board and you feel that my services are right for you, the next stage is to book you in for your assessment day which covers body statistic measurements, weight, height, flexibility and fitness abilities both strength and endurance. We also establish how we can fit the changes in to your life and form new habits.

I require all of this so I can design the best program for your lifestyle and strengths.


Most trainers will give you the hour in the gym but NOT with me as you will gain the following;

  • All memberships come with all of this below
  • Access to our interactive app and computer based software
  • Over 25 educational short read booklets to educate you on the truth and not the fads
  • Video and written instructional custom designed training program with mobilisation and stretching protocols based on your goals, commitment and lifestyle, accessed in any gym, anywhere in the world including educational videos and pdf,s to allow you to gain life long knowledge.
  • Plans updated each month
  • Education on how to manage your caloric intake for fat loss
  • Advised meal plans and recipe books with caloric daily targets as well as macro-nutrient breakdown based on your goals.
  • Fitness and body statistic assessments
  • Body fat reduction
  • Weight management
  • Muscular gains
  • Specific physical activity goals
  • The opportunity to become fit and live a healthier, manageable life
  • Exercise safely through proper form and adequate rest
  • One to one training and guidance
  • Tone and reshape your body
  • Improve flexibility and stretching
  • Access to the Facebook private members page
  • Personal support and motivation with two way message facility and unlimited text/email
  • Access to the Stabilis Fitness community – building relationships
  • Guaranteed results


In life we need to learn and understand to change current habits.

Habit changing is tough but with the support of a professional you have a better change of success.

Each and every client will receive their own habit forming workbook.

As a 1-1 client you can message me 24/7 and I will get back to you ASAP

I am here to guide you through until the end.

I have spent 5 years studying the scientific and evidence based approach to fat loss and it is working.


My goal has and always will be to help people regain their health, confidence and happiness with simple but effective strategies reducing excess body-fat/weight once and for all supporting the client from start to end and to pick them up when they fall.


You will succeed 



Colchester based Health & Fitness Coach

Andy Ciaravella

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